Annual Report 2012/2013

The AHRA Board met four times for the period 2012-2013 as follows:

Meeting Date Venue
Board Meeting 16 April 2012 Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Board Meeting 30 June 2012 Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya , Malaysia
Board Meeting 29 September 2012 The Harris Kuta Hotel Bali, Indonesia
Board Meeting 19 January 2013 Don Chan Palace Hotel, Vientiane, Lao PDR


2.1 Country Reports

At every meeting, each member country took turns to briefly report on the performance of the tourism and hotel industry in their country.

2.2 Hotel Allotment System

The AHRA Hotel Allotment System (HAS) which resides on the AHRA website and powered by SOTA is still pending the signing of contract between AHRA and CAT.

HAS is basically an inventory and rates management system. It also has an agent management system. The system allows for a master pool allotment control and can provide for both B2C and B2B allotment.

The current proposal by SOTA is that they would like to charge hotel US$2 per room allotment (sold on-line), regardless of room rates. AHRA will take 30% of the US$2 only from consumers. For rooms which are sold to agents, hotels will not be charged. The agents will be charged instead by SOTA. However, AHRA has proposed for SOTA to consider increasing from 30% to for 40% share of the US$2 for AHRA. Of this amount, 25% will be for AHRA and 15% will be for the National Association concerned. To date, there 1st still no agreement between AHRA and SOTA on the revenue-sharing structure.

3. Collaboration with Horwath International

3.1 Regional Briefing

Mr Robert Hecker, Managing Director of Horwath International was invited to share with AHRA members an update on the performance of hotels in the key cities in ASEAN. This took place at the meeting in Vientiane, Lao PDR on 19 January 2013. Members found the briefing very informative.

3.2 AHRA’s ASEAN Annual Hotel Industry Survey of Operations 2012 for Financial Year 2011

AHRA in collaboration with Horwath International produced the fourth report on hotel operations in some key cities located in AHRA member countries, namely, Bangkok, Ho Chih Minh City/Hanoi, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila/ Cebu, and Singapore. The report was shared with all AHRA members.

At the meeting in Vientaine, Lao PDR, Mr Robert Hecker also shared key findings of the report with AHRA members.

Click here to download the report

Click here to download the ASEAN Survey of Operations 2012

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